Created for the Impossible TV Series

Created for the Impossible TV Series

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Created for the Impossible is a Jesus-centered, Christian Television program broadcasting internationally across multiple television platforms.

Krissy Nelson, founder, host and executive producer has a passion to see the gospel spread across the airwaves bringing Jesus the reward of His suffering. She has a passion for mining out the gold in people and seeing them supernaturally activated and awakened to their God potential as the children of God.

Created for the Impossible is an out of the box, cinematic event collecting stories from the unknown—hidden ones as well as stories from authors and ministry leaders who have influenced many.

What started out as a book God has grown into a television program and movement inspiring people all over the world that they too are Created for the Impossible.

Really, its is a call to action.
A call to confront the lies and the limits of what we consider possible.
Daring to step into the wild unknown, out of the boat, on to the waters where Christ awaits – arms open wide.

The only question is: Are we willing to take the risk?

Are we willing to cross that bridge in our own life from what we deem possible and step into what God says we can do?

God thinks you can do anything.

You are created for the impossible.

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Created for the Impossible TV Series