Bobbie Baker & Kingdom Values Video Series

Bobbie Baker & Kingdom Values Video Series

A Full Interactive Children’s Curriculum Experience

Bobbie Baker is a klutzy, goofy, messy baker, with a beautiful heart, and his mission is to reflect Jesus to the children in your classroom! The Bobbie Baker and Kingdom Core Values curriculum offers a holistic solution for a supernatural children’s ministry that is grounded in core, biblical truth.

In this fourteen-week adventure, children ages 5-10 will encounter truths that Bobbie Baker shares from his recipe book – the Bible. Each week, kids will explore a Biblical principle with Bobbie, discovering practical values like joy, God’s presence, healing, and more. Along the way, they will discover the Holy Spirit, grow in spiritual gifts, and get to know Jesus on a deeper level.

Lessons include:
God is Good
Salvation Creates Joyful Identity
Jesus Empowers Supernatural Ministry
God is Still Speaking
Free and Responsible
Generous Like My Father
and so much more!
Each lesson contains fun and thought-provoking activities — skits with Bobbie Baker, weekly Bible memorization games, step-by-step prophetic activations, and pre-planned, small-to-large group games.

The concepts unpacked in each lesson are easy to understand and will empower children as they learn. This curriculum is your key to building a culture that emphasizes intimacy with Father God and supernatural ministry through fun and simple activities!

Look for more adventures with Bobbie and his friends coming soon!


Hungry for Scripture: “Many of our children come from churched backgrounds but without much personal knowledge of Scripture. Throughout the weeks of Bible memorization games and challenges, many of the children gained a new value and appreciation for Scripture and even felt more comfortable finding, memorizing, and applying Scripture to their lives. One of our children even began using his Bible to speak out prophetic words and call out what God was doing in both the room and at home!”

Words of Knowledge: “One day we had a child get a word of knowledge for another child in the room. The room proceeded to pray for the child, and she got healed! The child who was healed then found out that one of the leaders in the room also had the same problem, prayed for her, and she got healed too!”

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Bobbie Baker & Kingdom Values Video Series