God and Me: Volume 1 Jesus and Me Kid's Curriculum

God and Me: Volume 1 Jesus and Me Kid's Curriculum

A Full Interactive Children’s Curriculum Experience

There is no Junior Holy Spirit!

Children’s ministry is meant to be an active, dynamic experience that extends far beyond “babysitting” on Sundays. God and Me: Volume 1 empowers the youngest of children (0-5 yrs) to begin to walk in their God-given identity and do the things Jesus did!

Take your children on an anointed journey through twelve weeks of age-appropriate, customizable lessons that will help them learn to:

hear from God
pray for healing and breakthrough
worship God
make powerful declarations

This fun, interactive curriculum provides the perfect starting point for a holistic, supernatural children’s ministry, grounded in core biblical truth. Each lesson has been intentionally crafted to model biblical principles, including activities and tools that will give every child a deep foundation in Scripture and a strong connection to the heart of God.

So, what are you waiting for? Give the youngest children in your ministry an exciting start to the most important adventure of their lives – an adventure with God!

Testimony from a one-year old classroom: “Our teacher came into class one week with severe back pain. She thought she would do her best to make it through the day and did not tell anyone about her pain. One of the little babies walked behind her while the teacher was sitting down and babbled something while putting her hand on the teacher. The teacher thought, ‘Wow it almost feels like this child is praying.’ The child lifted their hands off the teacher, and all the pain left the teacher’s back at the same time and continues to have no pain!”

Testimony from a four-year old classroom: “We were worshiping but all of the children were fighting and playing dress-up with the worship flags. Our teacher stopped everything and explained to them what worship is. It’s not time to fight or play; it is time to adore Papa God. She showed them how she worships and different ways other people worship. Some children laid down on the floor and others danced, but one girl was off to the side all by herself. She had her hands and eyes tightly held, and as she swayed back and forth in her blue dress we heard her say, ‘Jesus, I give you my whole heart, I love you Jesus.’ So Amazing!”

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God and Me: Volume 1 Jesus and Me Kid's Curriculum