Pentecostal Fire Conference Sessions

Pentecostal Fire Conference Sessions

God is moving across the Earth right now. The word "revival" is becoming more and more commonplace. This is exciting... and concerning.

Revival is not stirring music and an inspiring message.
Revival is not lots of people coming to a church, attending multiple campuses, or filling big buildings.
Revival is not excitement or emotionalism.
Revival is not a series of special meetings or gatherings.

Revival, at least as the Lord has been speaking to me, is simple:

When the people of God return to the standard of the Early Church.

What is this standard? Pentecost.

It's a joy to host this gathering with my friends, Pastors Paul and Kim Owens of Fresh Start Church, as I believe the Lord has raised them up in this generation to call the people of God back to the standard of Pentecost.

Why are we gathering?

Not for a conference.
Not for teaching sessions.
Not for entertainment.
Not for thrills, chills and Charismatic zings.
Not to have your favorite minister pray for you and receive impartation.

We are gathering because God is moving.

We celebrate what He is doing right now... but we know there is more.

The friends coming to this gathering are sharing about what their eyes are seeing God do... right now. We are going to rejoice in the current move of God, while also collectively lifting our voices and asking for the more.

Join us August 20 and 21 at Fresh Start Church in Peoria, Arizona for these dynamic prayer gatherings. We will praise, pray, and, I believe, experience the power of Pentecost.

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Pentecostal Fire Conference Sessions