The Supernatural Masterclass

The Supernatural Masterclass

Powerful Teaching for Operating in “Greater Works”

With 28 dynamic sessions from Spirit-empowered teachers like Bill Johnson, Randy Clark, Heidi Baker, Kevin Zadai, Robert Henderson, and more, The Supernatural Master Class is an essential guide to deeper intimacy with the Father, enhanced vision in the Spirit Realm, and greater Holy-Spirit power.

Offering more than 16 hours of in-depth teaching, The Supernatural Master Class is your key to moving in the increasingly “greater works” that Jesus promised.

The Supernatural Master Class covers vital biblical topics, including…

Foundations of the Supernatural
Healing, Signs, and Wonders
Angels and the Spirit Realm
Prayer, Intercession, and the Prophetic
Spiritual Warfare
Keys to Operating and Increasing in the Supernatural

Unleash the power of your spiritual gifts! The wisdom from these seasoned leaders will equip you for greater supernatural adventures than you’ve ever experienced, and their combined insight will guide you along the way!

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The Supernatural Masterclass